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Posthotel Traube
Kapellstrasse 14-16
86609 Donauwörth
Tel. 0906/70644-0

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Café Mozart

Our adorable "Cafe Mozart" has over 35 seats available, here you have your breakfast and even a family-meeting is possible.

Mozart in the Posthotel Traube

On 26th October 1777 Mozart in company of his mother is in Donauwörth.

Amorous in Donauwörth?

It must have been a memorable journey for Wolfgang Amadé when earlier on his visit to Augsburg he meet his “Bäsle”,
who was so “beautiful, equitable, lovely, canny and funny”. A love story with the two-year-younger cousin Maria Anna Thekla Mozart,
the full-of-life girl from Augsburg and daughter of a bookbinder,
began and it is documented by the active correspondence between both of them.

The young man in love put up at the „Traubenwirt“ in the Kapellstraße.
There has been the “Posthalterei”, where Mozart led his way, when he reached
the joint connection in Donauwörth on his way to Mannheim (1777) and years after to Frankfurt (1790).