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Posthotel Traube
Kapellstrasse 14-16
86609 Donauwörth
Tel. 0906/70644-0

Top Quality HotelPosthotel Traube





in our Posthotel Traube near the historical inner city of the former „Freie Reichsstadt Donauwörth“. The Hotel Traube has a 300-year-history. The famous Wolfgang Amadé Mozart resided on 26th October 1777 on his way to Mannheim in our hotel.
Today you are awaited by 43 tasteful furnished rooms to feel well with 79 beds. The hotel is family-owned by the Schmidt-Nestmaier family.
You will find your home here, just for a weekend visit or for a vacation, as you like.
Explore our hotel, rooms and catering area on the forthcoming sites and experience our history and what the region holds for you.

Parking is free on our hotel-own parking slots during your visit.

If you travel by bike, you can use our carport. If you wish to upgrade your bicycle,
we offer you our home-owned washing place for bikes as a bike-repair-shop.

If you travel by train, you will arrive at our hotel after a short ride with the taxi.
It is about 10 minutes by foot.



1634 First "Posthalter" of Donauwörth was Phillip Britzelmeier
1689 Johann Vogl earned the patent as "kaiserlicher Reichsposthalter"
1759 On 20th November the Fürst von Taxis assigned the "Postdienst-patent" to the "Traubenwirt"
1794 On 15th February the widow Keller was named "kaiserliche Reichsposthalterin". She married Josef Fischer von Biberbach on 30th August.
1809 Franziska Fischer, also a widow, received the "Expedition" and the "Poststall" from the Generalpostdirektion. She died in 1813.
1815  The daughter of Mrs. Fischer marries Anton Popp on 13th August. She takes over the "Postdienststelle"and lives in the "Traubenwirtschaft"
1835 The "Traubenwirtschaft" is sold to Michael Kapfer
1840 Separation of "Posthalterei (Kapfer)" and "Postverwaltung (Popp)"
1841 Kapfer lives in the "Traube" and has about 60 Posthorses and 22 Postilliones
1847 The "Posthalterei" is now owned by Martin Reines
1889 Separation of the post- and trainservices. The "Poststalldienst" continues
1930  Johann Nestmeier marries the daughter of the "Traubenwirt" K. Hornung
1945 On 11th April the whole property gets destroyed by a bomb-attack
After the war Johann Nestmeier and his second wife built the “Traubenwirtschaft” in
it’s current status. Hans Nestmeier (son of Johann Nestmeier) and his wife Annemie
carry the “Traubenwirtschaft” on. The 300-year-old tradition of our house obligates
us, that guests are feeling comfortable and you will remember the
gastronomy “Zur Traube” and the “Posthotel Traube”.

1973 ongoing of the rebuilding, Hans Nestmeier (son of Johann Nestmeier) and his wife Annemie carry on the "Traubenwirtschaft"

1987 expansion through the acquisition of the neighbour's estate "Wildfeuer".1988 it was reconstructed and renamed „Cafe Mozart“ with a retail-shop









media/images/hotel.jpg2008 Johanna Schmidt-Nestmeier (daughter of Hans and Annemie Nestmeier) and husband Thomas Schmidt carry on the "Posthotel Traube".

2009 reconstruction and clearance of all hotel rooms in the main buildiung (Kapellstrasse 14 - 16)

2010 opening of the restaurant "Poststuben" and restaurant "Posttilion" with a 'Augustiner Biergarten' in the secluded atrium

2011 redecoration and opening of 14 hotel rooms with a part-view onto the "Promenade"






So that you feel comfortable at our hotel we have following partners beside:

- Augustiner Brauerei
- Sky TV